What does my Artlist license include?

With a valid license subscription you have unlimited access to the entire catalog of music for use in any private or commercial video production on any platform worldwide.

How long is my license valid? Does the license end if my subscription expires?

Any song that is downloaded with an active subscription can be used in a film/video in perpetuity - meaning we will never ask for additional fees in the future or that the song be removed from circulation even after the subscription expires. Once you download a song with a subscription it's licensed to use forever - period.

Does my license cover a client who hires me for a video project?

Yes! If you are hired to produce a film for a client, for their personal or commercial use, your license covers that usage. The client cannot use the music, however apart from the video production you were hired to do.

Does my license cover my employees/collaborators?

If a business entity subscribes, then any of the employees may access and use the music in the company’s projects. If an individual employee or contractor is working on a private project outside of the company they would need to have their own license.

I’m from a school/college/university/institution/educational group. If I purchase a subscription, will my students be covered by a singular Artlist license?

If you’re looking to license a large group, please contact our customer support at hi@artlist.io

Can I use the music on YouTube and monetize my videos?

Yes! The license covers your commercial and/or branded use of the music in your YouTube videos, including monetization.

Does my license cover audio broadcast outside of a video production?
No. The music is licensed for use in a video production only.

Can I download trial versions of the songs before I subscribe?

Yes, you can open a Trial account where you can download full watermarked MP3 versions of every song in the catalog, create collections of music and share those with those whom you are collaborating with.

How can I use the preview music I download with my Trial account?

A Trial account gives you license-free access to the entire catalog. You can download watermarked preview songs in their entirety in MP3 format. The songs are for personal use only and cannot be used or posted publicly. It is intended for you to be able to get familiar with all that Artlist has to offer and to try out the music in your video editing projects or share with your collaborators or clients before you decide to purchase the full subscription.

Is the music royalty-free?

Yes. An Artlist subscriber can use the music royalty-free. Third-party broadcasters and users of the video production may be responsible for royalties according to the terms of the regional PRO.

Which platforms can I use the music I license from Artlist?

You can use the music on every platform and medium that exists today as part of a video production. Plus our license will cover mediums that haven’t even been invented yet. This means that film, TV, podcasts, virtual reality, video games, mobile, etc are all fair game.

Is there an additional cost for use in paid and/or branded advertising?

No! Your subscription covers that too.

Can I use the music in any kind of project?

Yes, as long as it does not conflict with defined terms of “proper use”.

What is “proper use”?

Proper use means that we don’t want our music to appear in films that advocate violence or incitement, pornography and obscenity, racism or hatred towards any group. We do not license music for use in films that encourage discrimination against one person or a group of people based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin. Nor do we consent to the use of material in any way that constitutes a threat, harm, invasion of privacy, defamation or any other offensive content.

What is “reasonable use”?

“Reasonable use” is a set of guidelines we use to help prevent the abuse of our site’s resources and to ensure that the content is available to all of our subscribers when they want it. The guidelines also help to prevent the theft or unlicensed use of the content.

After downloading 20 songs you will see a message asking you to confirm that you are human and not a robot. (We don’t give robots music.) After 40 tracks we ask that you come back the next calendar day if you want to download more. If a situation arises where you need more than 40 songs in one day, just contact us and we will work it out.

Can I download every song in Artlist’s catalog?

Yes! Your subscription gives you access to everything we have.

Do we need to credit the musicians or Artlist?

That is completely up to you. Of course, we always appreciate credit being given to the artists for their great work when the situation is appropriate, however we do not require any attribution when the song is used.

Who owns the music?

All works included in the site’s catalog and any services offered, including music, illustrations, graphics and photos are protected by copyright and the intellectual property rights of the website and/or other artists and producers.

Can I edit/mix/render/re-master the music?

Sure! You can edit a song in order to make it fit your video project.

Is the catalog regularly updated?

Artlist’s catalog is current, dynamic, and growing fast as more and more artists join our community. New songs are added all the time.

Can I transfer my license?

Sorry, but no. Our subscribers are personal license holders for our material and that cannot be transferred. However, your license does cover clients that hire you to produce a video project. This is not a transfer of license as the client is not free to use the music apart from the video production covered by your license.

Is there a minimum age for use of the site?

Yes. The site is designed for users 18 years of age and older.


What is Artlist?

Artlist is a platform that offers streamlined, high-quality music licensing for filmmakers and video creators. Members with active subscriptions have full and unlimited access to the site’s entire musical catalog. The music is created by a growing community of independent musicians and producers from around the world. It is updated constantly with new music, making a subscription to Artlist continuously and consistently valuable.

Who is Artlist designed for?

The site is designed and intended for filmmakers and everyone else who is involved in video and film production. The unlimited use subscription license makes Artlist the ideal source for all types for creators looking for the perfect soundtrack for their film and the affordable one-time price helps you focus on your production and not on your budget.

When was Artlist founded?

We started Artlist in early 2015 with an aim to change the way filmmakers find, use and are inspired by music for their projects.


Who creates the music?

Artlist has worked tirelessly to put together one of the best music licensing catalogs available today. We work with independent artists from around the world and feature music on that has come from locations as diverse as a small village in the mountains of the Near East to a world-class studio in Hollywood and from a music school in New Zealand to an intimate London night club. Despite this incredible diversity, everything in our catalog is recorded, mixed, and mastered for the highest possible audio quality.

How is the music sorted and categorized?

As filmmakers ourselves, we have been in the position of searching endlessly for the perfect song. So we've invested a lot of our time in the design of the site, making it streamlined and simple for our members to find exactly what they’re looking for. Before categorizing, we deconstruct the character of each piece of music and the feeling and emotion it inspires.

The search features are designed according to our experience in the post production workflow and from all of the invaluable feedback we received from early users of the Artlist beta version.

Is the music catalog updated?

We are updating and adding music all the time. We receive hundreds of submissions from top indie musicians and composers every week. We go through every single one and find the absolute best music to add to the catalog.

Is there an instrumental version of each song that has lyrics?

For most songs with lyrics on Artlist there is an instrumental version. However, sometimes there are songs that only have a lyrical version. If you find a song with lyrics that you really like go to the artist’s page in Artlist and check to see if there is an instrumental version available.
What files do I receive with my music download?

  • Wave 16-441
  • MP3 320kbps

How long are the songs?

We have songs ranging in duration from 1:30 minutes to 15 minutes. In addition, many of the songs have 30 second versions that we find extremely useful in video editing.

Do I receive exclusive rights of use to the songs I download?

No. All of the music in our catalog is available to all of our users equally. There is no exclusive use of any song.

How much does the subscription cost?

An Artlist subscription cost $199 a year and gives you unlimited access to ALL of the music on the site.

How do I pay?

You can pay using PayPal’s secure connection. There is no risk.

Are there any additional costs after I have paid for my subscription?

No! Your Subscription is your FULL ACCESS PASS to ALL of the music in the catalog. We have no hidden fees.

Is the subscription renewed automatically?

Your license will renew automatically unless you choose to cancel.

After I have renewed my subscription can I choose to cancel and not be charged for that year? How long after renewal do I have to cancel?

You have 14 days to cancel your subscription with a full refund if you have not downloaded any music.

How can I cancel my subscriptions?

You can easily cancel your subscription through your Paypal account.